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Industrial Seals

Production of gaskets for every industrial fields

Since the very beginning LIMA has been involved in the production of both standard and tailor-made gaskets for any industrial fields.
Applications that require the use of gaskets are practically countless: they play a key role to avoid the leakage of a fluid, to couple two mechanical components, to prevent the passage of a liquid or of a gas, to isolate an environment.
LIMA manufactures piston seals, shaft seals, o-rings, back-up rings, wipers, guide strips and customised seals
Bolgare Plant
Seals can be mounted inside of valves, pumps, hydraulic cylinders, presses, compressors, rotating shafts, measuring equipment, engines, flanges, machine tools, housing, household appliances and industrial machinery in all sectors.

In order that a seal works properly, the material with which it is made must have well-defined features:

it must chemically resist to the fluid to be contained, must not corrode the surfaces with which it comes into contact, it must withstand the working pressures and temperatures, must have a low wear coefficient, must allow the coupling backlash and must ensure minimal overall dimensions.

Our Sealing Systems

LIMA works with all types of thermoplastic materials: among the most common are PTFE, PA, PAEK, PE, PET, POM, PVC, PMMA, PP, PVDF, PCTFE and PC . Furthermore, LIMA manufactures articles in special thermoplastic materials, especially required in critical applications and in particular sectors, such as ABS, FEP, PFA, PPS, PBT, PSU, PAI and PEI. LIMA deals with both virgin materials and filled materials: among the most requested and used compounds are bronze, glass, ceramic, carbographite, coal, talc, stainless steel, molybdenum sulphide, graphite, calcium fluoride, mineral salts, mica, glass fiber, carbon fiber and polyester resin.
LIMA acts as an intermediary between those who sell the raw material (tubes, sleeves, plates, rods, bands) and those who need articles produced in plastic material, thus creating both standard and custom components. Starting from the semi-finished product and through mechanical machining of turning, milling, cutting, drilling and grinding, the finished product requested by the Customer is thus created: thanks to the experience gained over decades of activity and the technologies at our disposal, we can create parts with a complex shape and maintain very tight tolerances, down to a hundredth of a millimeter.

LIMA also deals and sells molded parts in elastomeric material (silicone, natural and special rubbers, polyurethane). If necessary, thanks to the large warehouse of our factory in Bolgare (BG), we can provide the customer with the semi-finished material directly. We also perform subcontracting work on material owned by the customer.


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