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Valve Seats and Insert Rings in thermoplastic and elastomeric material

Production on Valve Seats & Insert Rings

Production of Valve Seats & Insert Rings

LIMA boasts decades of experience in the production of seats and insert rings, assembled inside valves then used for gas and oil pipelines, oil rigs, cryogenic plants and devices for the chemical industry.
Both seats and insert rings have to guarantee the higher sealing during the functioning of the valve. The particular working conditions, the complexity of operations, enormous costs due to eventual lock of the plants impose the highest degree of quality and resistance with regard to materials used.
Production on Valve Seats and Insert Rings
Workings Detail
It is precisely for this reason that, more and more frequently, seats and insert rings are requested in thermoplastic or elastomeric material, able to guarantee high performances in terms of mechanical resistance, elasticity, heat resistance, processibility and resistance to substances as methane, carbon dioxide, sulphydric acid, superheated steam and sulphurous hydrocarbons.

The realization of these details requires extreme care and precision: the respect of details such as bevels, bands, roughness, depth of the slots, angles, presumed heights of the balls and radii is of fundamental importance for the correct functioning of the valve. For this reason, each phase of the production cycle is accompanied by stringent and accurate controls, performed by means of comparators, altimeters and optical control machines.
To make the right choice we should bear in mind the parameters of fluid type , higher pressures, working temperature and the number of opening and closing cycles. To find out the fields of application, the critical issues on the dimensional aspects and the parameters to be considered for a correct choice of material, go to the technical section.

General overview of the Seats

LIMA produces Seats or Insert Rings in elastomeric and thermoplastic materials
Lima is able to produce seats of more than 1.000 mm of outside diameter. The working quality is guaranteed both by our excellent technologies and by our skilled workers: all our seats are controlled by altimeters, comparators and set of calibrate spheres.


General overview of the Insert Rings

LIMA produces Seats or Insert Rings in elastomeric and thermoplastic materials
When particularly critical situations happen, we prefer to produce metallic seats provided with a quarry in which insert a thermoplastic or elastomeric rings, able to guarantee the sealing of the valve. LIMA can produce rings up to 1.400 mm of external diameter and we have a hydraulic press specific for the carrying-out of the assembly of insert rings inside the correspondent metallic seats.




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